Geezr for Chrome

Write in Ge’ez almost anywhere in the Google Chrome web browser!

Geezr for Chrome iconHave you been cruising the ‘net and wanting to leave a message or engage in a discussion? Have you walked away because you wanted to write in Tigrinya or Tigre (or any other Ge’ez-based language)? Ge’ez based languages are too big to fit on a normal sized keyboard, but we no longer have to worry about this. Using “Geezr for Chrome,” you can write on the internet in any Ge’ez language quickly and easily!

Now you can write in a Ge’ez based language by installing Geezr for Chrome. Geezr for Chrome is an extension for the Chromium/Google Chrome browser that lets you write in Ge’ez on the internet. To install Geezr for Chrome, all you have to do is click here and install. If you don’t have Google’s Chrome (or the open source Chromium) browser, it is fast and easy to install. If you need any help send us an email!

Get Geezr for Chrome!