Tigrinya/Tigre for iOS – FAQ

How much is the App?

The Tigrinya/Tigre for iOS app’s price varies according to the location of your App Store. If you want to see what the Ge’ez characters will look like on your device, try the FREE Geezr for iOS app. If you would like to write in Tigrinya, Tigre, or Amharic, all you have to do is purchase the appropriate keyboard.

What languages can I write with using this App?

With a purchase of Tigrinya/Tigre for iOS, you can use the App to write in Tigrinya or Tigre, with the included predictive word recommendation engine.

Can I use the Ge’ez numerical system?

Of course! Once the keyboard is enabled, tap on the “123” button in the bottom left hand corner, then when the keyboard appears, find the numerals. Choose the number (e.g. 1, 2, etc.) and hold it down until the appropriate Ge’ez numeral shows up. You can then select that button.

Known Issues

Because of a limitation in the current version of iOS, you may not be able to view Ge’ez characters in a web browser. (e.g. Apple’s Safari web browser, Google’s Chrome web browser, etc.)